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How to Sign Up a PayPal Account | Create a PayPal Account | Set Up a PayPal account

Okay, so we`ve instructed you on the way PayPal works, given you, a few protection suggestions mentioned the Conditions of the usage of PayPal, and reviewed its cons and pros. Now, it`s time to begin the usage of PayPal for real! The first element that you`ll want to do earlier than you begin the usage of PayPal creates a personal account.

Paypal sign up

This lesson will walk you through the whole lot which you want to do to make that happen.

To create for PayPal:

  1. Head to and click Sign Up.
  2. Select Sign Up for a Personal Account.
  3. Enter your country, email address, and password.
  4. Enter your other personal details.
  5. Link your credit card to PayPal (optional).
  6. Link your bank account to PayPal (optional).
  7. Verify your email address with PayPal.

That`s pretty much a long process, right? Well, PayPal is all coping with people`s money, so they should make certain that everybody who makes use of their service is legitimate. Don`t worry; we`ll stroll you thru the motions step by step below.

Instructions for how to create a PayPal account

1- To sign up for PayPal.

  • Go here in your web browser, and click Sign Up in the top-right corner.

PayPal Sign up

2- Select and choose to sign up for a personal PayPal account.

We assume you use PayPal to pay for purchases (online and offline) and send money to others, rather than accepting payments from people you sell to. In this case, click Register Personal Account.

PayPal Personal Account

3- Provide your email address, a password, and your country.

Next, you have to fill in your main account details.

PayPal sign up

Click each box highlighted here and select or type the following:

  • The country in which you live
  • your email address
  • A password (which to protect your account)
  • Reconfirm password

When you have made sure that the space is filled in correctly, click Continue.

4- Provide your other personal info.

Next, you'll need to enter the personal information PayPal needs to link your account to your credit card, debit card or bank.

Create a PayPal account

Click each box highlighted here and select or type the following:

  • your first name
  • your middle name (optional)
  • your last name
  • your date of birth (day/month/year)
  • your field of occupation
  • your social insurance number (optional)
  • your street address
  • your unit address (optional)
  • your area mailing code
  • the city in which you live
  • the state, province, or territory in which you live
  • your phone number (click the menu beside it to select Home number or Mobile)

If you do not wish to receive additional emails from PayPal regarding updates and promotions related to PayPal Services, please click the checkbox here to uncheck it.

If everything is filled out correctly, click on the option "Agree and Create Account".

5- Add your credit card as a PayPal option.

The subsequent stage is to interface your credit or debit card to your PayPal account. This permits you to shop in stores on the web and in reality with PayPal and have the purchase automatically charged to your credit card.

PayPal credit cards

Click and type on each of the boxes marked here:

  • your credit card number
  • your credit card’s expiration date (month/year [last two digits of the year])
  • your credit card’s security code

PayPal will accept that the charging address for your Mastercard is equivalent to the individual one that you gave in the past advance. In the event that it isn't, click Edit and give the right street address, unit address (optional), mailing code, city, and state/region/domain.

When you've filled in all of your information, click Link Card.

On the off chance that you don't have a credit card or don't have any desire to add it as a choice for PayPal, click I'd Rather Link My Bank Account First. See our How to Use PayPal without a Credit Card for further instructions.

6- Add your bank account as a PayPal option.

As soon as you have connected your credit card to PayPal, you can likewise interface your bank account(s) to your PayPal account, as well. Then again, on the off chance that you would prefer not to link your bank account(s) to PayPal (fundamentally not right now), click I'll Link My Bank Account Later (click the button that appears after this to assert).

Paypal bank accounts

7- Verify your account Paypal or your email address

There's another thing that you need to do to finish the setup of your account, and that is to confirm your email address. You can't utilize your PayPal account without doing as such! Go to your email client and sign in. Find the email from PayPal Service named "Welcome to PayPal" and click on it to open it. From that point, simply click the blue Yes, This is My Email Address button in the email.

Verify your email address

To finish affirmation of your email address for your PayPal account, you must enter your account password. Click in the container marked "Password" and type in the secret phrase that you picked to safeguard your PayPal account. Then click Confirm My Email Address.

PayPal confirmation

That is it! Congratulations, your PayPal account is ready, and you're all set to start using it! Our next lesson will be how to transfer money to the balance in your PayPal account.