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What is computer science? What are its departments?

What is computer science?

Computer science or computing is a scientific and practical approach to computing and its applications, in addition to being a kind of systematic study that aims to study feasibility, structure, many terms and expressions, mechanization, and methodical procedures, which aim to store and process information, then make connections and presentations. To access the required information, and to master computer science, one must study computer software and computer hardware in scientific ways, specializing in the computer world, computing theories, and designing computer systems.

Define computer science

Computer science is a science devoted to the application of knowledge derived from computers and mathematics to all branches of knowledge, with analytical possibilities, problems and determining the requirements for solving them using the computer, with all the necessary designs, then implementing them and evaluating the system and all other operations and programs that are used, to facilitate work more effectively and achieve Common goals for teams and groups.

A brief history of computer science

Charles Babbage is credited with inventing the first computer, while Ada Lovelace is the first to write algorithms for computer processing.

Computer science branches

  • Theoretical computer science: It studies formal languages, all computing theories, or algorithms, and the mechanism of cost.
  • Practical computer science: concerned with studying the skills of translating visual languages, in addition to theories and algorithms, which are then transformed into applications that can be easily traded and developed regularly in line with other sciences, and all areas of life.
  • Applied computer science: It is the science that is concerned with the multiple applications of computers in different aspects of life, such as design and manufacturing using computers, in addition to the management of administrative and industrial systems.
  • Computer engineering: It is the branch that is concerned with the way computer equipment works or what is also known as computer hardware, and the computer industry that depends on many aspects such as physics, chemistry in addition to engineering, electronics, theoretical informatics..etc

Other departments of computer science

  • Algorithmic and data science: It is concerned with the study of the theoretical aspect of data science.
  • Computer science: it studies the practical side that includes analysis and design, and then building the solid foundations of computers.

Computer science major

The student who will specialize in computer science studies many diverse fields, such as the study of mathematics with a focus on calculus, and linear algebra, where mathematics is considered one of the most important basic sciences in computer programming, as it helps the compute r to process data, and the student studies a lot of Famous programming languages ​​such as Java and HTML, a little electronic circuit science and its mechanism of action, and algorithm science during the third and fourth year.

  • Question 1: Is computer science hard?

Reply: Yes, computer science can be hard to learn.

  • Question 2: Is computer science a good career?

Reply: Yes! High demand for qualified computer science professionals means high forecast growth for many careers. These jobs are often lucrative, with average salaries ranging from $80K to $130K.

  • Question 3: what are 5 computer science jobs?

  1. Software Developer.
  2. Web Developer.
  3. UX Designer.
  4. Mobile App Developer. 
  5. IT Project Manager.

  • Question 4: is computer science just coding?

Reply: It's not just about programming, it's about many other things.

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