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The best way to write a Pro article and compatible with SEO

The best way to write a Pro article and be compatible with SEO The cool thing about blogs today is that it doesn't have to be boring and include only text content. You can be creative and include all kinds of content on your blog.

The best way to write a Pro article and compatible with SEO
The best way to write a Pro article and compatible with SEO

The more types of content you include, the more suspense your audience will be; they'll want to read more, share more, and even buy more when you have more creative content.

Wikipedia Definition of article writing

Search for the topic on Google

When you search on Google for the article you want to talk about, you will see that some of the topics you want to talk about are leading, and this is exactly what we want. Enter the leading article, and see what words it depends on and ways to write the article, as you will benefit from this search.

Put the introduction to the article is very interesting.

And it's better for the introduction to have medium paragraphs and not too large, as well as be beautiful and interesting and draw the reader to the article so that he does not feel bored and leave.

The best way for me to write inside pictures

Put a non-copyrighted image (not exclusive), place it after the introduction paragraph and put an alternative text on the same topic as the article to improve SEO.


You can easily create videos using your smartphone to educate your audience or program on your computer records your screen to visually teach your audience how to do something or go through a slide show. Video brings a whole new element to your blog that is truly unparalleled in opportunity.


Podcasts are very popular; People love to download them and listen to them later in the day or on the go. You can turn any blog post into a podcast by recording it using software already on your computer.


An infographic is a graphic depiction of data grouped interestingly. Most graphs are fairly long and can contain a lot of data. If you have any data-centric blog posts or informational articles, consider converting them to Defining Data Analysis.


Use beautiful images, quotes, facts, and data to create 350 x 350-pixel pictorial photos depending on where they are used. You can put it on your blog, share it on social media, and more.


Longer blog posts that are complete guides to something are very popular and will increase your website's level of authority. These are very long blog posts with lots of info links to other information on and off your website.


Anytime you're not sure what kind of content you want to put up, try doing a review. There are likely to be booked in your specialty, films, tutorials, media products, and more that you can easily review. Be honest, include photos, and reveal how you got to the product you're reviewing.

Online interviews and seminars

Believe it or not, interviews, seminars, and other recorded events can become content for you on your blog. Sign up, cut it into shorter versions, transcribe it, create infographics to back it up, and create tons of content from a single interview, webinar, or Hangout.

New formats

When new formats appear in content, include them in your content mix. Mixing things up and making things look a little different will achieve great success in keeping your audience interested.

Add subheadings within the article

The article is considered in my view and the view of many that if it does not contain sub-headings, it is regarded as incomplete or untidy. One of the best things is to write sub-headings and put paragraphs related to the sub-title to give the article beauty and order.

Writing the conclusion at the end of the article

Perhaps many see that it is not important, but perhaps if you do not write the conclusion phrase, of course, in most articles, the article will be incomplete and not completed yet.

In conclusion, this is the best way "for me" to write an interesting and SEO-friendly article. I hope I succeeded in explaining and that I helped you.

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