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How to make an in-app purchase with a coupon (Play Points)

Play points coupons: The Google play points feature has several sections or things that make the user wonder how to use them.

How to Use Coupon play points
How to Use Play points coupon

And today, our theme will be about the right way to make in-app purchases using coupons.

What are Play Points?

It is a feature created by Google that allows users to profit by performing simple tasks such as downloading games, earning specific points when making a purchase (retrieving certain ratios from the amount you paid), and other things.

What are the withdrawal methods in Play points?

There are many withdrawal methods in-Play points, namely, games coupons and other apps; there's even a Google Play balance from Play Points, etc.

What are the pros and cons of Play Points coupons?

I'm going to start first with the advantages that exist of gaming coupons:

  • In the voucher, the net profit is twice when the Google Play Points balance is purchased.

For example, if you buy a $5 Google Play balance, you must pay 500 points.

If you buy a $5 coupon, you only have to pay 250 points.

Its downsides are:

  1. The minimum purchase is high compared to the minimum get of Google Play Credit from Play Points.
  2. A coupon expires after 12 months (1 year).
  3. Cannot use or merge two coupons.
  4. You can't buy an offer at a price different from the cost of the voucher (when a purchase in your game or application).

What's the difference between coupons and Google Play Balance

There are two types of Google Play balance:

Google Play Balance from Google Gift Card, which has no validity date.

Google Play Balance from Play points, which has a validity date (1 year)

How to Use Coupons with play points?

When you get to the minimum required to transfer your points to buy a coupon

  1. You enter the Play Store app.
  2. At the top of the left, choose your account (your user profile icon).
  3. Then, you press the "Play Points" button.
  4. You go to the "Use" Option.

Note When points are used to get items in a game or an application, you won't be able to return them.

  1. You choose your app coupon or game, and you buy it with your points.

The coupon expires after 12 months (one year), starting with your purchase date; the same applies to Google Play Credit.

  1. Open your game or your app.
  2. Choose an item within your game that corresponds to your coupon in terms of price.

Mean, if your coupon is worth $4, you must choose a $4 item in your game.

Note Each Coupon is dedicated to a game and a specific item.

When you make a purchase with the coupon, your app item amount will be zero, which means your coupon has been successfully applied to the game item.

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