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How to create a Google Accounts without limits (Skip Phone Verification)

Google Mail is an abbreviation for Gmail; It is a free service launched in April 2004 by Google.

Create a Google/Gmail account without your phone number
Create a Gmail Account without a phone number

It aims to facilitate human life, such as the organization and preservation of its information, the possibility of sharing messages and communication between people on the Internet and anywhere else.

Its free service, which is so far available in all countries of the world, is likely to be necessary for us to use it on the Internet, and it is widely shared on most social media.

How to Create a Gmail/Google Account

2- Fill in the blanks with your information, first name, last name, Gmail address (email or username), password & re-confirm, then click Next.

3- Type the phone number (option), select birthday, gender, then click Next.

Thus, a Google account is created.

How to create a Google/Gmail account without phone verification

Note: If you reverse the method I'm going to explain, you may have to refill in the blanks with information again when creating the account.

To open Google/Gmail accounts without limits and without using your phone number when creating accounts.

First, many people want to create many accounts to do something, and their urgent need to get them is why they create many Google accounts quickly and without using a phone number.

The system will suspect that you are not a human, and to make sure you are human, you have to enter one of your phone numbers to bypass this verification, but some people don't have phone numbers, or the numbers may have been used to create accounts before.

And to get past all this, you have to first.

1- Download the numbers app, then create an account (it only requires a username and password), and by doing that, an account is created within the numbers app without having to use email in this step.

Then it will give you a random number, but not all numbers work for creating Google or Gmail accounts, so we've rounded up the numbers that accept 100% Google accounts, phone numbers that accept 50%, and the rest of the numbers you won don't fully work.

+371 is a telephone code for the country of Latvia.

+371214 *****, which starts with 214 it works 100%

+371210 *****, which starts with 210 works 50%

+371212 *****, 212 and the rest of the numbers also do not work.

And if it turns out that you have a number that is not working, you need to create another account in the numbers app to get an acceptable phone number.

Notice: You can create multiple accounts with one phone number, but it is limited. In this way that I gave you, you can open many Gmail or Google accounts.

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