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Exclusively fix error | Couldn't complete your transaction. Gift cards can only be used in the country

Google Play Store: It's a famous virtual electronic store developed by Google, which offers many services to its users, such as downloading apps, games, books, movies, and other programs

Solve a problem when charging in-games or when redeeming a Google Play gift card.

Solve a problem when charging in-game or when redeeming a Google Play gift card.

Any of them are free and paid, and in general, the Play Store has many positives, but it has its negatives.

How to redeem a Google Play gift card in your country

steps to redeem a Google Play gift card code, which are as follows:

1-Open the Play Store app.

2-At the top right, Click your profile for your account.

3-Tap Payments & subscriptions.

4-Then Redeem the gift card code.

5-Enter the code.

The reason for the problems with the google play cards region ​is locked

You are using an account that is not 100% original; that is, you created the account in a country other than the card's country.

In other words, you have been detected for using apps to help you reach the desired country, such as using a VPN app.

Steps to solve the problem

Note: This problem occurs in different accounts countries and not in a specific account country.

Language different

Percentage of device language difference with the server using

  • Try changing your device's language to the one relevant to the country of the account in which the problem occurred.

Also, change the timing of your device to the timing of the account in which the problem occurred. To find out the timing of your account, go here, and you will see what country and city and state, then type in Google search engines (the time of state), then apply the time change in the settings of your device.

This option to show the account address

Here the title appears

If you use a different IP address than the required account country, in this case, you should use a powerful VPN app such as Mysterium VPN (There are free and paid servers)

And to find out if a server or an IP address is robust, you should check it here, this website is the server's checker that is excellent in fetching information or results with the utmost accuracy.

IP address data
IP address data

Conditions, IP address (server) to be strong are:

The options I will mention must-have in front of it the word "No."

  • Proxy: No
  • Anonymizer: No
  • Blacklist: No

Note: The percentage in the picture is not important in this method (not required)

IMPORTANT: choose a server with timing similar timing to your device's and the timing of your account which the problem is; You will also know this from the site itself (IP Address Checker)


Here the timing doesn't match the IP address.


Here the timing is identical to that of the IP address.

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