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Exclusively | solve the problem of Google Play Points (join for free), add the payment method

Google Play Points: There are between four and five levels in the play points, and this varies according to countries of accounts of play points and the names of the levels, they are:

Google Play Points
fix issue Google Play points

1-Bronze level

2-Silver level

3-Gold level

4-Platinum level

5-Diamond Level

In the American and French accounts, there are four levels which are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level, as The Japanese, Hong Kong, and South Korean accounts have five levels, which means from the level Bronze to Diamond (all levels are available in them)

About the Google Play

The Google Play Store is a virtual electronic store on the Internet, and it is one of the most famous electronic stores in the world, so Even other electronic stores did not reach the number of users of the Google Play Store.

Which made it offer one of its advantages to its users: the Google Play feature that allows its users to earn money for free and quite easily.

What's the feature of Google Play Points

Google has added in its Play Store the feature of Play Points which allows you to earn money for free with very simple work.

and Currently, there are twenty-eight countries with the advantage of Google Play points, and they are:

The United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Indonesia, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Japon, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

How to collect points

The first method available to get points in the play Points feature is to download apps or games (offers are monthly), and each app or game has a time or date for its expiration. Other offers appear when the previous offer ends, which are renewed often every month (duration is not fixed).

The second method: is through in-game purchases or one of the apps or other programs, and for each dollar you pay, you will get a point or more, and this varies according to what is promoted for the game or app in Google Play Points or according to the level of your account.

The third method: through the weekly prizes, and this option is available for the Silver level and above (not available in the Bronze level only), and you can get the weekly prize points every week.

How to withdraw or transfer points Google Play Points

When you collect points or reach the minimum withdrawal amount in Google Play Points, you can convert or withdraw them to Google Play balance or vouchers such as Free Fire coupons, PUBG game, other games or programs ...etc.

Note: Google Play points credit has an expiration date of one year; as for redeeming a Google Play balance from a Google Play gift card, there is no expiration date for it.

How to fix the issue of joining Google Play Points

To get rid of the conditions that Google asked you to join for free in play points, the first step is to convert the Play Store app to a USA store.

Step 2:
  • Download the VPN app.
  • Go to it and choose a server, for example, a US server.
  • Connect to it.

Then you download the app, which has a blue icon and has two links. The first link will direct you to the Play Store, and The second link directs you to an external link (meaning in Google) where the app file is in APK format. And if the app is not available in the country of your account Play Store, you have to download the app on the second link. Then you fill in the information, for example, zip code, choose the country, change the account name, down to the option to select the age...etc. All these steps are very easy.

The last step: is to make sure the problem is resolved. All you have to do is delete the Play Store app data, then turn on the VPN app link, re-enter the Play Store app, and you'll join Play Points for free without problems and without the conditions that you are required to such as adding a credit card, Visa, Master Card, Paypal or a code Google Card Recovery. By doing all this, the issue will be resolved and bypassed easily.

ََA Gift from me to you

The first account link in it, $0.48 and 25 points

The second account link in it, $0.31 and 25 points

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